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Children at St Mary's

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Children are always welcome at St Mary's

Teddy bear and play bricks

Children are always welcome at St Mary's and this page introduces our children's resources and activities. If you're a parent and there's anything you're not sure about, please ask: we're here to help and we want you and your family to feel at home with us. At 11am on the first Sunday of every month we hold a family service, usually with an interactive question-and-answer session with the Vicar instead of the normal sermon: come along ready to get involved!

Have you found our Children's Corner?

Toy truck and play bricks It's at the back of the church and you can use it any time you like when the church is open. There are child-sized tables and chairs, a box full of crayons, plenty of paper for you to draw on, as well as games, puzzles, books and lots of toys, from action figures and cuddly animals to play bricks.
Child drawing a picture

Join us at Sunday Club — for children of all ages!

Sunday Club usually meets on the third Sunday of each month. We start at 11am in church with everyone else then sneak out after the first hymn with our leaders, Sally and Tracey. You can bring your own grown-ups with you too if you like — we don't mind, but you'll have to make sure they're good!!

Children doing puzzle

We have our own room upstairs where we go for a Bible story and all sorts of activities — crafts and drawing and anything else we think of. Afterwards we go back into church and up to the communion rail with everyone else for a blessing — then at the end of the service we usually get a chance to show everyone what we've been doing.

Jumping Dolphin

Jumping Dolphins

Jumping Dolphins is our midweek children's club and meets every Tuesday in the church at 6pm — all children are welcome to bring their parents along. Keep an eye on St Mary's News for reports of recent activities.

Floral Cross made by the Jumping Dolphins
Floral Cross for Easter
made by the Jumping Dolphins

The Upper Room

The Upper Room (2) The Upper Room (1)

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